2019-06-15 17:05:00

Misfits vs Origen

2019-06-14 20:20:27Posted by Morgonrock

Although Misfits has got a strong 2-1 start to the split, they have only beaten Excel and Rogue: two of the weakest teams during the spring split. On the other hand Origen has started with a weak 1-2 record, with loses coming against G2 and Fnatic. Both of the teams managed to have competitive game against Fnatic, while Origen managed to even have a winning early game against G2. Misfits has now started using Kirei who had a strong spring split in TCL, and managed to completely obliterate Excel in his debut under the Misfits banner. Kold is known for his more calculated early game, which might get abused by Kirei's explosive early game. This matchup is heavily decided by Alphari, and how he can absorb the pressure, as Kirei is known for playing around top and Alphari is known for being low-eco toplaner, who absorbs ganks well. Definitely the most interesting matchup of the day, and I feel like the game is pretty much a 50:50 coinflip. With Misfits having those odds, I cannot pass this one.

Misfits 2.62 5 Loss


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