2019-08-10 18:40:00
G2 Esports

Misfits vs G2 Esports

2019-08-10 17:06:50Posted by Petar

For our last match of the day we have a rather acceptable clash between the reigning, defending LEC champions G2 Esports and Misfits Gaming. This isn't exactly a must-watch, at least not if you're looking for a somewhat even clash between two giants of seemingly equal strength. That's not what this game is about, and if you're looking for top-tier League of Legends you're bound to get disappointed.

G2 Esports are currently the best and most flexible team in the world, but seeing how they don't have any reason to tryhard, they're surely going to step foot on stage and have as much fun as humanly possible. That, in short, means they're probably going to draft the most off-meta picks they can think off.

And who could blame them? They've been winning with such ease throughout the year that there's really no good reason why they should reveal any secret strat or play to the best of their ability.

Misfits Gaming, on the other hand, are as lost as ever and even though they've shown some short glimpses of promise over the last couple of weeks, they were too few and far between to actually warrant a spot higher up the rankings. They're entering this clash without any semblance of momentum and are basically playing without anything on the line.

In the end, we have to side with G2 Esports. There's no reason to do otherwise. Misfits Gaming have nothing to fight for which could impact their play in one of two ways: they're either going to fool around and have fun, or conversely, play to the best of their ability in order to save face and actually end the split on a somewhat acceptable note.

Either way, G2 Esports should be more than equipped at taking them down. They're perfectly aware of everything Misfits bring to the table and are more than capable of outclassing them in every stage of the game.

G2 Esports 1.10 2 Win


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