2019-06-22 16:00:00
FC Schalke 04

Misfits vs FC Schalke 04

2019-06-22 03:12:16Posted by Petar

For our second match of the day, we have an exceptional clash between Schalke 04 and Misfits Gaming. Now, coming into the split, this was quite literally a clash between the seventh and eighth ranked teams in the region. That's hardly worth getting excited about, right?

Well this time, things are different -- by a lot. Both teams have stepped up considerably during the off-season, and they made numerous changes to their rosters, either to the starting line-ups themselves or to the coaching staffs that are pulling the strings behind the scenes. Either way, both teams improved over a short period of time, and are now rightfully considered as true contenders and playoff-worthy competitors.

That said, they're not without fault. Not even close. They're still prone to making egregious mistakes, they not as synergetic as one might think in certain aspects of play, and they're still capable of losing the game off of just a single bad decision. Then again, they're miles ahead when compared to their prior Spring Split incarnations, so at least they're making steps in the right direction.

It's also important to highlight that these two teams find themselves on the opposite sides of the preliminary LEC standings, at least three weeks in. They're not that wide apart when it comes to their overall win/loss tally, but they're deemed as competitors of varying strengths. At least right now.

Misfits Gaming have improved, there's no doubt about that, but they're still painfully inconsistent, and it's hard getting a solid enough read on their potential. They're still alternating between Kirei and Maxlore, and the team overall simply isn't capable of maintaining a respectable level of play over prolonged periods of time. Who's to blame doesn't really matter at this point because they absolutely have to step up and start stringing wins if they want to make up for their Spring Split blunder and actually lock down a playoff spot.

They're entering today's match after getting annihilated by SK Gaming. It was a slow clash, but Misfits lost across the board. They were always second to react and were constantly playing second fiddle to a much more proactive SK line-up. Once the mid game came along, SK flexed their incredible team fight prowess and simply outclassed Misfits in all facets of play. The fact that they lost isn't such a big shocker, but rather the fashion in which it occurred is what worries the most.

Misfits were simply unable to mount and offensive, and they basically rolled over and let their Nexus explode. Not exactly the definition of a fighting spirit.

Schalke 04, on the other hand, are clawing towards the top of the region at a staggering pace, and are currently regarded as a Top 4 team that's capable of throwing down with the big dogs. They're not favored to win any of those matches, but they're at least considered as a deceptively strong team that's as tough as they come. Their loss to Origen yesterday was an insanely close game that was even for the first thirty minutes. Schalke made a couple of blunders overall, but they were exceptional in all facets of play.

The fact that they're challenging the upper echelon of the LEC this soon into the split is pretty shocking. It feels like they only just introduced Trick to their line-up and yet they're already playing out of their minds. There's still a lot of work to be done, that's for sure, but so far Schalke has been able to prove their worth on more than one occasion.

We're going with Schalke 04 on this one and with full confidence. While it might not be nearly as one-sided as some people expect, Schalke should be able to find a way towards victory and get the W. If Misfits sub in Kirei then Schalke will definitely have to fight a lot harder in order to emerge victorious. Regardless, they're simply more layered and threatening in their current form and should be more than able to get the job done. That said, expect a full-on war from the very get-go as Misfits know that getting a win today could do wonders for their chances of reaching the playoffs.

FC Schalke 04 1.95 9 Win


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