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2020-06-27 18:10:00

MAD Lions vs Rogue

2020-06-27 17:52:07Posted by Petar

Next up, we have an insanely exciting clash between MAD Lions and Rogue, two of the youngest and most promising the LEC has to offer. They're also insanely talented and have already accomplished quite a lot in very short amount of time. MAD Lions obviously take the cake in that regard with their historic Top 3 finish last split, but Rogue -- flawed though they are -- deserve a lot of praise as well.

In many ways, they're tied in both talent and potential, but it was MAD Lions who always went a bit further; they were the team that found more success both individually as well as a five-man unit. They're unafraid of whom they're up against and have some of the best drafts you'll see in the West. In comparison, Rogue are far more inconsistent, they don't have nearly as big champion pools, they're oftentimes volatile and can lose control of the game in a staggeringly short amount of time -- sometimes through just a single ill-advised play. They're not as clean nor are they as cohesive. There's always something missing whenever they compete, and it's not always visible what that is. Perhaps a better, more well-rounded approach to the game, or cleaner set-ups and more consistent individual play? Whether or not they look good heavily depends on whom they're facing. If it's a mid-tier team, then Rogue tends to look rather fantastic (if they set things up well). If they're up against a top-tier behemoth, however, these "small" but concrete flaws start to stick out and are easily exploitable.

MAD Lions, on the other hand, don't have such issues. They are by no means perfect, but many fans and analysts consider them to be not just one of the best teams in the world but also a bona fide contender. They just don't play like rookies even though they -- for all intents and purposes -- still are. Humanoid, in particular, was arguably their most inconsistent member last split and that made no sense whatsoever because he was the most seasoned among them. This split, however, he's performing as the best and most dominant mid laner in the LEC, even surpassing the likes of Caps and Nemesis with staggering ease. He's playing the best League of Legends of his career and watching him dominate and style over his opposition has not only been unexpected but also highly refreshing. With such a potent weapon in the mid lane, MAD Lions are currently as well-rounded as they can get, and they know it as well. They're fully utilizing all of their assets and have been looking relatively unstoppable up to this point.

Right now, there's absolutely no reason not to be on MAD Lions. They're sitting on a fantastic 5W-1L record and have had a much harder strength of schedule when compared to Rogue, the team they're currently tied with in the standings. Now, granted, this is by no means a one-sided affair, but MAD Lions should still be able to emerge victorious with relative ease. They're battling for sole control of the number one spot and they have all the right tools to get the job done and solidify their spot at the top.

MAD Lions Betway 1.70 10 Win


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