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2020-06-26 19:00:00

MAD Lions vs Origen

2020-06-26 06:12:15Posted by Petar

G2 Esports vs. Fnatic is officially the match of the week, but one could argue that MAD Lions vs. Origen has about as much potential, if not even more. Heck, whenever MAD Lions step foot on stage to compete, there's a reason to tune in. They're the next breed of European talent, the superstars of tomorrow, and the players who are bound to leave a mark sooner rather than later.

The way they're playing, their staggering amount of skill and synergy, and the mind-blowing amount of bravado are their biggest and most potent virtues. They are, without a shadow of a doubt, a Top 3 team at this point in time, and if they continue growing at such a staggering pace, they might even be able to clinch Top 2. They're all carrying their fair share of the weight and their flexibility and mechanical talent are simply astounding, especially when you factor in that this line-up hasn't been playing for longer than six months, and yet they've already accomplished more than most of their peers did in years.

If they manage to contain Origen's Alphari in the top lane and play as well as they can (and as well as they did last week), they should be able to emerge victorious. Of course, they're far from perfect, but their drafts and understanding of the meta are second to none, and the way they fight for every inch of the Summoner's Rift makes them a formidable opponent no matter the odds.

This is by no means a safe bet, but if things pan out as expected we stand to earn quite a fair bit of money. There's no logical reason why Origen should be favored at this point in time, especially considering their inconsistent play and -- at times -- abysmal drafting tendencies. If this were a Best of 5, perhaps it would be a lot more even; right now, however, it's time to board the MAD Lions hype train.

MAD Lions Pinnacle 2.12 10 Win


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