Los Angeles Valiant
2022-08-21 10:10:00
Guangzhou Charge

Los Angeles Valiant vs Guangzhou Charge

2022-08-20 22:45:02Posted by Petar

The sheer fact that the Los Angeles Valiant *nearly* took down Philly simply boggles the mind. We've seen many of their exceptional "bursts" over the last few months, but we still cannot help but be surprised whenever they occur.

They're a bottom-dweller through and through and yet, on these rare occasions, they *can* transcend their inherent status (or role, rather) and put on one heck of a spectacle. That, however, is not something that can be said for Guangzhou. They are, by all metrics, one of the absolute worst teams in the Overwatch League and that, in short, isn't going to change any time soon. The Valiant aren't exactly a towering giant either, but they *do* have higher highs -- the likes of which are more easily attainable than those of Guangzhou.

They're also more layered, dangerous, and have a noticeably higher skill ceiling as well. Again, these strengths and virtues aren't always visible, but we know for a fact that they possess them, and that, in short, is more than enough to win us over. It probably won't be clear or easy, but the Los Angeles Valiant should definitely be able to come out on top once everything is said and done.

Los Angeles Valiant 1xBet 1.38 1 Loss


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