Los Angeles Gladiators
2022-07-02 20:30:00
Washington Justice

Los Angeles Gladiators vs Washington Justice

2022-07-02 13:32:33Posted by Petar

The Los Angeles Gladiators taking on the Washington Justice might not be as big of a mismatch as the one preceding it, but it's not far off either. In fact, that can pretty much be said for nearly any match-up that involves LAG — they're cut from a different cloth and are, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most capable teams the Overwatch League has to offer (if not *the* most capable).

That's some mighty big praise for a team that happens to be competing against the likes of San Francisco and Dallas, which makes what LAG have done and accomplished all the more impressive. They're a spectacular team and undoubtedly one of the biggest frontrunners to win it all — assuming they don't fall off performance-wise for whatever reason. They have the talent, the experience, the mental fortitude, and ample feistiness, too: the Los Angeles Gladiators are the complete package.

Now, in all fairness, Washington have also had their fair share of brilliant moments, but they still pale in comparison to LAG's staggering dominance. The Justice are the quintessential middle-of-the-pack team and that's not going to change any time soon. Capable, yes, but just not capable *enough* to compete on even footing with the Shocks and Fuels and Gladiators of the world.

Going with LAG, therefore, is the only logical choice here. They might drop a map (much like they did against Toronto), but anything more than that seems highly unlikely.

Los Angeles Gladiators Pinnacle 1.05 5 Win


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