Los Angeles Gladiators
2022-07-01 23:05:00
Toronto Defiant

Los Angeles Gladiators vs Toronto Defiant

2022-07-01 08:23:38Posted by Petar

Toronto are a capable team with ample potential and a few really good players, too. They're not, however, on the same level as the Los Angeles Gladiators; they're worlds apart, in fact. We have a mid-tier gatekeeper on the one side and the de facto best team in the Overwatch League on the other.

So, at its core, there's really not a whole lot to get excited about here. The question isn't "will Toronto win" but rather "how long will it take before they succumb to their forthcoming opponents — a team that is endlessly more capable and dangerous?"

We're thinking it'll be a swift 3-0 but the Defiant could, in theory, take a map off of the Gladiators, should they come out swinging. It's unlikely, granted, but it *could* happen. They're not a bad team by any stretch of the imagination but they *do* pale in comparison to a titan as layered and capable as LAG — it's really that simple. There's an endlessly vast chasm between them and there will be no narrowing it.

The Gladiators are destined to greatness. How high they'll soar is still up for debate, but they *will* leave some kind of a mark once everything is said and done — that much is clear and evident even now. A win here, therefore, seems guaranteed; they're the better team, after all, and have a much more diverse set of tools to work with when compared to Toronto.

Despite its lopsided nature, we *do* expect a fairly fun scrap!

Los Angeles Gladiators 1xBet 1.06 2 Win


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