Los Angeles Gladiators
2022-06-02 23:20:00
Houston Outlaws

Los Angeles Gladiators vs Houston Outlaws

2022-06-02 22:10:42Posted by Petar

This is where things get a lot more interesting: the Los Angeles Gladiators facing off against the Houston Outlaws is a barnburner just waiting to happen! We have a truly phenomenal, top-tier team on the one side and a feisty contender (with a surprisingly high skill ceiling) on the other. What's not to like? If both teams come out swinging -- and there's really no reason why they *wouldn't* -- we'll be in for one heck of a ride!

The outcome, however, feels rather simple to predict: the Gladiators are amongst the very best and most capable teams the Overwatch League has to offer. We'd even go a step further and label them as a Top 3 team, although *that* kind of thing tends to shift and change on a weekly basis, what with the meta being as malleable as it currently is.

One thing's for certain, though: they *are* better and more cohesive than the Houston Outlaws. They don't make as many mistakes, they're not as inconsistent, they have more gas in the tank and are far more talented than the vast majority of their peers -- bar Dallas and San Francisco.

The Outlaws *are* dangerous. There's no two ways about it, but are nonetheless a bit too volatile for our liking. That, too, will change over time, but it's *will* end up being an issue against the very best teams in the world. All of that being said, they're not to be trifled with whatsoever, and their 4W-2L record attests to the fact.

In the end, though, betting against the Los Angeles Gladiators simply wouldn't make any sense, what with them already proving their mettle against the toughest of opponents. They might not be perfect or consistently excellent, but that doesn't change or affect our opinion of them in the slightest.

Los Angeles Gladiators Pinnacle 1.53 1 Win


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