London Spitfire
2022-08-28 19:10:00
Washington Justice

London Spitfire vs Washington Justice

2022-08-28 11:01:05Posted by Petar

We're done doubting the London Spitfire. They've been wrecking house for quite a while now, and even though they always tend to regress and slip up once the going gets rough, they've nonetheless done more than enough to warrant our benefit of the doubt (and utmost respect, too).

They don't *look* like a top-tier team, but they sure can *play* like one. Maybe not consistently or "on demand," but the point stands nonetheless. They're deceptively capable and feisty, and are pretty much a shoo-in for the forthcoming Summer Showdown.

Are they really better than the Washington Justice? That's heavily up for debate, but they *have* been a bit more impressive lately. The Washington boys first took San Francisco to five maps, then blew Paris and Florida out of the water before, confusingly, dropping to the Vancouver Titans. That's... vexing, to say the least. How does one gauge their strength, then? How can we even talk about them being a "contender" when they couldn't even beat one of the worst and least capable teams in the Overwatch League? Now sure, the Titans *have* improved leaps and bounds, but the point still stands.

We will, therefore, side with London on this one and basically cross our fingers for a favorable outcome. The gap between these two isn't nearly as large as the odds would suggest, so just keep that in mind if you're looking to put your money on the lines.

London Spitfire 1xBet 1.55 1 Loss


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