London Spitfire
2022-05-14 19:05:00
Boston Uprising

London Spitfire vs Boston Uprising

2022-05-14 15:02:37Posted by Petar

Betting on this particular match is quite a dangerous endeavor. The reason as to why is rather simple: these are some of the worst teams in the Overwatch League and, well, neither of them will end up leaving a mark once everything is said and done. Saying who's better than whom, therefore, is basically impossible.

We know what these players are capable of, but there are so many intangibles lingering the air. The game itself has changed tremendously which means the playing level has been somewhat leveled. The best teams will still come out on top, naturally, but the lower we go down the standings the more chaotic things become.

The Boston Uprising and the London Spitfire are, without a shadow of a doubt, some of the least capable teams you can lay your eyes on in 2022. Now, we don't like being mean or anything, but it *is* a fact -- and it's a well-known one at that. They might be able to pull off an upset or two further down the line but anything more than that seems rather unrealistic (if not impossible). Be that as it may, we shouldn't be counting them out just yet, what with the season being so long and all.

Their first two matches last week unraveled in exactly the way we thought they would. Boston were able to (barely) overcome the Vancouver Titans before succumbing to the vastly more superior Los Angeles Gladiators (1-3). The London Spitfire, on the other hand, failed to mount an offensive against the San Francisco Shock (0-3) but were then able to bounce back with a very commanding 3-0 sweep of the Vancouver Titans. Both line-ups had good, standout moments, but they're almost surely not going to amount to much once everything is said and done. Plus, beating Vancouver isn't really worth much these days.

Regardless, they'll fight their hearts out in an attempt to attain at least *some* semblance of relevancy. And in that fight, we expect Boston to come out ahead. That being said, they're not necessarily all that much better than the Spitfire (assuming they're better at all), nor should you think of this match as a foregone conclusion -- it's totally up in the air and *both* outcomes are wholly plausible.

Boston Uprising 1xBet 1.40 1 Loss


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