Invictus Gaming
2021-10-08 14:15:00
Virtus Pro

Invictus Gaming vs Virtus Pro

2021-10-08 13:46:56Posted by agaydarov

Invictus gaming are 7-1 so far in group A and a clear favourite to win the top spot in the group. VP after taking a 5-1 lead in day 1, dropped the first match today to sit currently at 5-3 score. IG plays with a lot of different heroes and strats and so far nobody has figured them out. VP are young squad and the pressure can be a little too much for them when it comes to the later stages of the groups. I expect a close match up but IG coming on top with 2-0 victory.

Invictus Gaming 1xBet 3.04 10 Win


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