Invictus Gaming
2021-10-07 07:05:00

Invictus Gaming vs T1

2021-10-07 06:18:13Posted by agaydarov

Invictus gaming and T1 commence their journey at The International 10 in group A which is considered the hardest of the two groups. Both teams know each other fairly well, coming from different regions but very close ones geographically which allows them to participate in online tournaments/leagues together. Looking at the individual class of the two rosters we have equally very high skilled players with Number 1 MMR in SEA "23Savage" being the carry of T1 and "Emo" - the Mid player at IG who is also the leader of IG. Given the difficult group I expect both teams to go for the 2-0, but this will lead to mistakes being made and 1-1 draw in the end seems reasonable.

Draw 1xBet 2.56 7 Loss


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