Hangzhou Spark
2022-07-01 10:20:00
Philadelphia Fusion

Hangzhou Spark vs Philadelphia Fusion

2022-07-01 05:34:58Posted by Petar

Another week, another "batch" of games and matches worthy of tuning in to! The Midseason Madness qualifiers are coming along quite nicely, although, in all fairness, there's still a bit of uncertainty lingering in the air — especially in the Eastern region.

Seoul Dynasty seem to be a cut above the rest and that, frankly, is the only thing we can proclaim with some semblance of confidence.

Shanghai are struggling mightily by the looks of it and much of the same can be said for the Philadelphia Fusion as well. The one team that hasn't imploded or regressed (other than Seoul, of course) is Hangzhou. The boys in pink are playing with the utmost amount of zest and urgency, and their two 3-0 shellackings over the Guangzhou Charge and Shanghai last week attest to the fact as well.

Whether they'll be able to ride this newfound wave of momentum still remains to be seen, but the odds sure are stacked in their favor. One mustn't forget that Hangzhou dominated throughout the first part of the season as well (the Kickoff Clash) and had only started to slip once the tournament itself began. It's also safe to assume that they're motivated to avenge their most recent losses and prove (to both themselves and the rest of the world) that they can not only rub shoulders with the Shanghais and Seouls of the world but even get the better of them — on a consistent basis.

The Fusion are a feisty bunch. They're also talented beyond all measure and can, at times, exceed even the most optimistic and lofty of expectations. With that being said, we couldn't possibly give them the edge over Hangzhou given what happened last week. They'll make it competitive, there's no doubt about it, but we don't think they'll emerge victorious once everything is said and done.

Hangzhou Spark Pinnacle 1.36 1 Loss


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