Hangzhou Spark
2022-06-03 10:15:00
Philadelphia Fusion

Hangzhou Spark vs Philadelphia Fusion

2022-06-03 05:22:22Posted by Petar

Do not let the oddsmakers fool you: this one's a lot closer than it looks. We really cannot stress that enough. The current meta is as malleable as it gets and teams are still struggling to figure out what the best and most optimal way of playing the game is. Overwatch 2 brought numerous changes to the table and, well, most of them were quite tectonic. As a result, no one should be overly surprised by the fact that there's such a nuanced gap between the absolute best and worst teams in the Overwatch League.

This gap shifts and changes, it widens and narrows at the most random moments imaginable. It has a life of its own and only in a few months will it truly "stabilize". In the meantime, we'll just have to "wing it" and hope for the best.

This gap we're talking about is at its narrowest over in the Eastern region where the absolute best teams are separated by astonishingly slim margins. Hangzhou Spark, however, seem to be in a league of their own (although that, too, could change over time). They hold wins over Seoul Dynasty, the Los Angeles Valiant, Chengdu Hunters, Guangzhou Charge, *and* the Philadelphia Fusion. The only team they couldn't beat were the Shanghai Dragons and even *that* match went the distance so take it as you will. They are, by all metrics, one of the very best and most capable teams the Overwatch League has to offer and are bound to leave a mark in some way, shape, or form once everything is said and done.

The Fusion, while mighty capable in their own regard, haven't been quite as consistent and, by proxy, successful. They're still immensely capable (and, therefore, dangerous) but they're not on the same level as Hangzhou.

And so, with that in mind, we're going to side with the boys in pink on this one; they're the better team at this point in time and should be able to prove it, too.

Hangzhou Spark 1xBet 1.52 1 Loss


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