Guangzhou Charge
2022-08-28 10:15:00
Philadelphia Fusion

Guangzhou Charge vs Philadelphia Fusion

2022-08-28 10:05:51Posted by Petar

We still can't fully understand what the heck is happening with the Philadelphia Fusion. Have they regressed to such a degree that they can no longer compete on the highest of levels? Or are we being deceived by their — admittedly quite gruelling — strength of schedule?

Their first three matches were... uneventful. Not abysmal per se but as far from impressive as possible. A 3-2 win over the Los Angeles Valiant isn't worth much. And their two losses (to Chengdu and Shanghai, respectively), while not tremendously shocking, are still wholly indicative — the Philly boys have a *ton* to work on. They have a myriad of flaws and weaknesses, some of which are truly glaring and, perhaps worst of all, exploitable.

Now, will Guangzhou be "game" enough to capitalize on these openings and finally get a win on the board? We doubt it, but one can never be too certain given the sheer volatility of the Eastern region. In any case, the Fusion have a much higher skill ceiling and are better across the board. There's really no other way to say it. They're not always cohesive enough to truly harness said potential, but they sure do possess it, and that's more than enough to warrant our benefit of the doubt in this one.

This, in short, is a must win — and they're surely aware of it as well.

Philadelphia Fusion 1xBet 1.14 1 Loss


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