Golden Guardians
2019-06-16 23:30:00

Golden Guardians vs CLG

2019-06-16 20:52:30Posted by Petar

Finally, to close out the day, we have a very exciting clash between two playoff contenders. These two teams have shown exceptional growth over the last couple of weeks, and it’s hard saying which one has the edge. Counter Logic Gaming have definitely seemed like the better and more cohesive unit, but also as a more threatening line-up. They have more weapons, and they can play through any of their three main lanes.

The Guardians, on the other hand, always rely on Froggen to hard carry, and while he’s often up to the task, there is only so much that a single player can do. This should be an insanely close match, but we have to give the edge over to Counter Logic Gaming. They’ve shown great fortitude in each of their games and they’re a much more layered team at this point. That said, expect fireworks from the very get-go. Neither team will go down without a fight and they’re both willing to skirmish whenever the need arises.

CLG 2.37 10 Win


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