Golden Guardians
2019-06-16 23:30:00

Golden Guardians vs CLG

2019-06-16 19:20:17Posted by Morgonrock

Both of these teams are on a strong form, while having pretty equal records during the last split. Combining players head to head, I think PowerofEvil can certainly match Froggen in lane, which is a pretty valuable asset to have, when playing against GGS. After looking at the matches Golden guardians have played this split, I noticed one thing: they haven't played against a team with a strong bot lane yet, which means this game is the first real test they will get.

About CLG, I have to say that they are very inconsistent team historically and can lose this game horribly. Their performance yesterday against Echo fox wasn't convincing, and they had losing 0-2 record against GGS last split. I still have faith towards CLG, although statistics and current form are on the side of GGS, I think the coefficient given to CLG's win is tempting for those who still have faith towards CLG. I give Golden Guardians 60% odds to win this and CLG 40% odds to win this, which makes the coefficient given to CLG's win a playable coefficient.

CLG 2.37 4 Win


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