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2021-10-18 13:15:00
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Gen.G esports vs LNG Esports

2021-10-18 08:20:46Posted by Petar

An absolute barnburner in the making and, well, a game that could very well decide who'll make it out of groups! Both Gen.G and LNG are tied in the standings at the time of this writing, but that could definitelz change by the time they step foot on stage to compete against each other. Gen.G will first take on MAD Lions, an opponent they've already lost to just a few days ago. LNG, on the other hand, have a much easier path as they're scheduled to face Team Liquid.

So, if things pan out as expected, Gen.G will be in a slightly less favorable a position when compared to the LPL representatives, which will surely put ample pressure on their shoulders -- something this venerable LCK giant rarely coped well with.

Still, we cannot forget that Gen.G ran circles around LNG the first time they faced off. It really wasn't close either, with Bdd's roams sealing the deal right from the very get-go. It was as if he could do no wrong, and Gen.G capitalized with great speed and precision, in the fashion one would expect from a team of their caliber and veterancy. There's no guarantee that history will repeat itself this time around as well, but it's nigh impossible to doubt Gen.G given their recent track record. Even their one loss to MAD could've been avoided had they chosen their fight more smartly. Still, it was a learning experience, one from which Gen.G have surely learned their lesson.

What'll happen this time around is anyone's guess and there's really no way of predicting it, either. Teams in Group D -- at least based on current performance -- are all separated by the slimmest of margins. There are too many intangibles at play which means anything can happen going forward. Heck, even Team Liquid stand a chance of making it out of groups -- if Cloud9 could pull it off (with the worst possible record, no less), who's to say that Team Liquid can't?

In any case, we'll side with Gen.G on this one but we're not doing so with a ton of confidence, so just keep that in mind. The four Korean representatives have impressed us the most thus far, and we know for a fact that Gen.G have the right tools to contain Tarzan and his highly talented allies, so we'll give them the benefit of the doubt on this one and hope for the best. With that being said, anything can happen once these two teams step foot on stage to compete, so if you're looking for a safe bet, you'd be wise to look elsewhere!

Gen.G esports 1xBet 1.83 1 Loss


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