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2021-10-11 14:05:00
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Gen.G esports vs LNG Esports

2021-10-10 22:34:36Posted by Petar

This is where things get a whole lot more interesting for one simple reason: we're dying to find out just how powerful these two teams actually are, and which of the two will eventually get their hands raised. Based on all that we've seen from LNG and their staggeringly dominant run in the Play-Ins, they're undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with and a highly capable team that takes no prisoners. They're aggressive, in sync, mechanically gifted, and are playing with such fervor and confidence that it'll probably take a team with the exact same virtues and strengths to take them down or, at the very least, put up a fight and make things competitive.

Does Gen.G fit the bill? We're not so sure, quite frankly, but at least we won't have to wait long to find out. The second-best team from the LCK is at once both incredibly talented and also somewhat of a relic, a line-up that is no longer as precise and dominant as in the past. They still have all the right tools to leave a mark at Worlds, but their style of play is still tied to the LCK of yore. When they win that's mostly through individual mechanical prowess and stellar teamfighting rather than any up-to-date understanding of the meta. Their strengths always carry them far, but once the going gets rough and they're faced with a team that has fully acclimated to today's more hectic style of play, they tend to retrogress and crumble under the pressure.

Be that as it may, Gen.G still has some of the best and most seasoned players around, and they'll no doubt give anyone a run for their money, including LNG. Most folks think of LCK as a region with just a single threat and, well, it's hard to argue otherwise. It'll be up to Gen.G to subvert everyone's expectations and leave a mark, in spite of some truly gargantuan challenges. We know for a fact that they can trade blows with the who's who on the biggest of stages, but they'll face quite a stiff test in LNG Esports, a team that has an immense amount of momentum behind its back. They had also disposed of RNG, Suning, and Top Esports back in their staggeringly dominant gauntlet run coming into Worlds, which tells you all you need to know when it comes to their long-term potential and overall power level.

The MAD Lions are almost universally deemed as the best team in group D which means that both LNG and Gen.G will need to deliver if they want to advance further into the tournament. All four teams are separated by the slimmest of margins, and it's night impossible to predict who'll come out on top. Even Team Liquid have a chance at scoring a couple of upsets, although the odds of it happening aren't exactly all too high.

In any case, both teams want to start off with a win, but we'll side with LNG as they've already acclimated to the stage and almost surely have a better read on the meta because of their experience from the Play-In stage.

LNG Esports Betway 1.60 1 Loss


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