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2020-08-07 20:20:00
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G2 Esports vs SK Gaming

2020-08-07 19:15:53Posted by Petar

To close things out, we have a very exciting clash between G2 Esports and SK Gaming. That wasn't a typo, don't worry -- you've read it correctly. The sheer notion that any game with SK Gaming involved could be exciting simply boggles the mind. After all, they've been (at best) mediocre for so long that no one's really expecting much, and with good reason. Their 2020 Summer Split, however, has changed that entirely, in no small part because of their nuanced, intelligent roster changes and the fact that they've brought over Jesiz (formerly of Fnatic) as their head coach.

Their drafts improved tenfold and so did the way they play the game -- from macro, rotations, objective set-ups, all the way to individual performance and team-wide cohesion. It's a night and day difference, really, and watching them play so well has been absolutely mesmerizing. To make matters even better, their brand-new mid laner ZaZee has been performing way above expectations. Rookies mostly need a split or two to fully acclimate to the LEC stage, but this talented German proved that there *are* exceptions, even though they don't happen all that often. As a team, SK Gaming has figured out what they're good at and they've started playing accordingly. This means they're focused more on their mid and bottom lane, and they've started giving Crownshot all the resources he needs, seeing how he's their late game insurance. In essence, SK has doubled down on their strengths and it's a great thing to behold.

They're still flawed, of course, but they're fighting for every inch of the Summoner's Rift and they're doing the best they can. Sometimes they make a few egregious mistakes which costs them the game, but that doesn't happen as often as one would expect, hence their positive 8W-7L record.

G2 Esports, on the other hand, need no introduction, as you can imagine. They're the most talented team Europe ever fostered, even though they haven't looked the part for the vast majority of the Summer Split. Still, even with their inherent volatility taken into consideration, they're the defending champions for a reason. They're no strangers to underperforming during the regular portion of the split -- in fact, it's pretty much the norm, give or take. It's only once the playoffs come along that they kick things into high gear and just steamroll through their opposition with staggering ease. Heck, that same process happened so many times in succession that it's pretty much a certainty at this point -- the "script" is written. Furthermore, the fashion in which they outclassed Fnatic last week tells us that G2 have identified a couple of their biggest flaws and are working around the clock to rectify them in time for the playoffs. In fact, they're on a three-game win streak which, while not mind-blowing by any means, is still proof that they've regained momentum. They're up against a deceptively tough opponent tonight but they have all the right tools to get the win -- of this we're all aware.

Either way, with SK Gaming being surprisingly tough, expect an insanely entertaining action-packed game.

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