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2020-06-26 18:20:00
SK Gaming

G2 Esports vs SK Gaming

2020-06-26 17:51:18Posted by Petar

Next up, we have a fairly one-sided clash between the defending champions G2 Esports and SK Gaming. On paper, there's just not a lot to get excited about here, but as you probably already know, whenever G2 is scheduled to compete, there's more than enough reason to tune in and watch the spectacle unfold -- if anything just because we get to see them flex over their opposition.

The G2 we saw over the last two weeks was by no means the cleanest or most cohesive, but they're still warming up, they're taking things one game at a time and are looking to start slow -- they know this is a marathon rather than a sprint and seeing how they've already proven their worth to everyone, it's not like there's any kind of pressure. Still, this means they won't be nearly as commanding or dominant as some people expect. Add to that the fact that Caps and Perkz are still acclimating to their new (old) roles, and you have a team that's essentially struggling a bit.

SK Gaming, on the other hand, looks better than ever, although their stock did take quite a hit after dropping a game to Excel Esports (of all teams). They're much stronger than people give them credit, they're fairly talented and have a surprising amount of synergy, even though the team did change quite a bit over the course of the off-season.

In the end, however, it's impossible to bet against G2 Esports at this point in time. They might not be at their peak form right now, but with so much talent and depth within their line-up, it's impossible not to give them the benefit of the doubt, regardless of whom they're up against.

G2 Esports Pinnacle 1.20 3 Loss


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