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2017-10-13 06:00:00
Samsung Galaxy

G2 Esports vs Samsung Galaxy

2017-10-12 23:21:04Posted by Petar

Going into Worlds, it would be near impossible to find someone who would give a wildcard team any chance against the third best Korean team. And while 1907 Fenerbache failed to win in the end, they pushed Samsung Galaxy to their absolute limits.

With Samsung's lackluster play a couple of days ago, we're left to wonder.

How low have the mighty fallen?

They've had a couple of days to bounce back, and as LCK teams often do they probably worked out most of their issues. Regardless, they're very inconsistent and it's hard seeing them playing to their 2016 Worlds level after such a mediocre start.

On the opposite side we have G2 eSports. They started off their Worlds run on a somewhat mediocre note - losing to Samsung convincingly in their first game and winning against Fenerbache relatively quickly. The key game came afterwards, and it was their match against Royal Never Give Up. While they failed to win in the end, it was insanely close. You could argue G2 lost because of a couple small positioning mistakes and ill-advised calls, but they went blow-for-blow with RNG for the entirety of the game.

Looking ahead, they're looking to advance to the quarterfinals, and they know this is a must win for them. They know that if they want to have any chance of advancing that they have to perform up to their Mid-Season Invitational level, and it's not going to be easy. That said, they also had time to prepare and they're surely fully energized after witnessing Fnatic's miracle run just a day earlier. (going from 0-4 to 4-4)

While this is a fairly risky bet, it's hard not giving them the benefit of the doubt. Fnatic surpassed all expectations, Misfits are sitting at a comfortable 2-1 record in their own group. It's time for the current Kings of Europe to come and dominate.

G2 Esports 3.25 5 Loss


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