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2019-08-09 20:00:00

G2 Esports vs Rogue

2019-08-09 19:11:17Posted by Petar

For the last match of the day we have a rather fascinating match-up: the reigning, defending champions G2 Esports and the unlikeliest of challengers Rogue. Now, by all means, this isn't the match of the week, but any time G2 steps foot on stage there's a reason to tune in. You never know what they're going to do (and how they're going to do it). Then again, it's not like Rogue is currently a bottom-tier team.

Just writing that feels strange, and that's a good thing. They improved leaps and bounds over the last couple of months and there's a good reason why: they've been fighting against some of the best teams in the entire world. After all, iron sharpens iron, and they're living proof.

They've stepped up immensely and are currently a fairly solid (albeit inherently flawed) mid-tier gatekeeper. They're definitely not going to upset the LEC status quo, but they have the strength and fortitude which are necessary in order to fight against anyone in the region. They might not win, but they will definitely fight their hearts out.

They're also deceptively dexterous and capable, especially for such a low-ranked team. Perhaps most importantly, they have a reason to fight -- they're on the verge of getting into the playoffs. They're right behind Origen and going forward they need every single win they can get. Their road towards the Top 6 starts tonight, and it's against the best team in the world.

G2 Esports, on the other hand, are basically locked in as the number one team and have absolutely no reason to tryhard. They're perfectly aware of their immense potential and are surely looking to preserve their energy going into the playoffs. Then again, no one wants a loss to Rogue on their record. That, by itself, doesn't mean they're going to go all-in, but they should be looking to make a statement nonetheless.

In the end, we have to side with G2 Esports. There's no other option, basically. They're the best and most stacked team that has ever graced the LEC stage. Heck, they're the best Western team of all time. The only reason why we're not going all in on this one is because they're prone to drafting "troll" team comps, and we never know when they're looking to have fun or, conversely, tryhard to the extreme. There's just no rhyme or reason. That's why we all love them, but it does make betting on (or against) them an incredibly thankless endeavor.

G2 Esports 1.14 3 Win


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