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2019-07-26 20:05:00

G2 Esports vs Origen

2019-07-26 14:29:49Posted by Petar

For our final match of the day, we have a repeat of the 2019 Spring Split finals. Now, one could say that that’s not exactly the most hype-building sentence (seeing how Origen lost in record time and were completely ill-equipped to take on a team of G2’s caliber), but we should be in for a fantastic clash regardless of the history these two teams share between them.

Quite frankly, it’s hard building any kind of narrative when a team is facing G2 Esports. There’s just no easy way of succeeding, or perhaps no way of succeeding at all. They are – to phrase it in the simplest and most understandable way – the best and most stacked team to ever grace the LEC stage. There’s just not much you can punish; no obvious weakness you could exploit and no inherent hole in their game. They’re as well-rounded as possible and are currently regarded as the best and most talented team (not to mention flexible) in the world of competitive League of Legends. There’s just no other way to put it.

So who ever steps foot on stage to face them, there’s no easy way to build hype. Or, again, perhaps there’s no way at all. The best you could do is say “maybe G2 will have fun and fool around”. But even when they decide to draft illogical, ill-advised team comps, they also find avenues towards victory. They’re playing with their food at this point and have shown no signs of stopping.

Opposite them, we have a team that rarely managed to put up much of a fight whenever they found themselves across the defending, reigning LEC champions. At their best, they could tango for a little while before ultimately succumbing to the immense pressure that the G2 dynasty outputs. At worst, they lost in about twenty minutes. Or less.

To make matters even worse for the Origen gang, they’re currently playing at an all-time low. They’re not bad by any means, but they’re painfully inconsistent and have been unable to step up on multiple occasions. They’re still insanely talented and have all the potential in the world, but they just aren’t playing at their full potential right now. Not even close. And if you want to stand a chance at beating the defending champs, at beating the best and most stacked European team in history – you have to be flawless. You have to be insane in all facets of play and you have to have the best game of your life. The margin for error is non-existent. G2 Esports need only the smallest of mistakes in order to turn the game on its head and capitalize big time. One small slip-up and you’re done for. That’s why we love them. They’re fun, crazy and dominant all at the same time. They’re not just a powerhouse – they’re a group of five friends having a blast.

There’s just not much that Origen will be able to do this time around – barring any unexpected historical flash of brilliance or G2’s intentional self-sabotage (which did occur on more than one occasion). The fact that they’re underperforming will only further hinder their chances of attaining success. They might be able to put up a solid fight – they are a team that’s prone to playing to the level of their opponents, for better and worse – but they shouldn’t be able to get the win. Not this time, not against a team like G2.

G2 Esports 1.30 7 Win


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