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2020-06-27 19:10:00

G2 Esports vs Fnatic

2020-06-27 18:45:56Posted by Petar

Finally, to close out the week, we have the LEC el clasico: G2 Esports vs. Fnatic. Now, frankly speaking, this isn't a particularly hype match-up at this point in time, and that's surprising beyond comprehension. After all, when did these two teams last fail to deliver? They're the biggest and most stacked competitive titans the LEC has to offer, and have constantly traded places on the throne with good reason.

Right now, however, they're just not playing particularly well, and that's okay. They're taking their sweet time, they're warming up, and are often experimenting -- granted, without much success. Fnatic, for example, decided to try out Soraka for Rekkles (their most potent catalyst historically speaking), and while they were by no means abysmal, their play left a lot to be desired. Their drafts are strange and confusing, their team play is all over the place, and perhaps most importantly: they're struggling mightily on an individual level. Bwipo is back to his old, inting self, and Nemesis' champion pools is being exploited game after game. Their decision-making has also regressed quite a bit, with most of their calls backfiring time after time.

It's like we're watching an entirely different, much less talented and capable incarnation of Fnatic. Now, of course, this is just for the time being, but it's still affecting everyone's view of them, including their long-term potential. Once Fnatic decide it's time to kick things into high gear, there's no doubt they'll once again start dominating, but until that happens, we're simply left to wonder: how low will they still fall before picking up the pace?

By the same token, G2 Esports haven't looked particularly good either. They have much of the same problems as Fnatic but at least their flaws can easily be targeted and fixed in a short(ish) amount of time. In any case, we can expect both teams to come out the gates swinging, as these G2 vs. FNC matches matter, not just to the fans but to the players as well. Both line-ups will be on their best behavior, and whenever that happens, G2 Esports always finds a way to win. "Always" might not be an entirely correct statistically speaking, but it's darn near close, especially over the last year and a half. There's just nothing that Fnatic can do to threaten the G2 dynasty, and while this is just a single game we're talking about, it's fair to assume that G2 will step up and get the win in relatively clean fashion, much like they always do.

Then again, seeing how both teams are underperforming, expect a lot of chaos from start to finish. This is by no means a one-sided affair, so if you're looking for a safe bet, you might as well look elsewhere. Regardless of the final outcome, fireworks are basically guaranteed!

G2 Esports Betway 1.60 2 Win


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