G2 Esports
2020-07-24 18:20:00
FC Schalke 04

G2 Esports vs FC Schalke 04

2020-07-24 08:41:22Posted by Petar

A clash between the reigning, defending LEC champions and the worst team in the region isn't exactly something fans can get excited about, but knowing these two line-ups and their penchant for skirmishing and entertaining, it's fair to assume that they'll deliver, even though the game itself is bound to end in rather one-sided fashion.

Where do we even begin when talking about such a tremendous mismatch? Schalke are by no means abysmal, but they don't have any kind of edge in any way, shape, or form, so it's really hard to make a case for them winning. There's no possible avenue for success and even if they overperform and punch way above their weight class, they're still bound to make a couple of egregious mistakes and, in doing so, give G2 a window of opportunity to strike and capitalize. They're not better in any which way and with much worse macro and less experience across the board, they're bound to succumb to a titan like G2 Esports.

Granted, G2 hasn't been playing particularly well recently, but we know they're just slacking off and waiting for the playoffs before steamrolling through everyone -- again. They might drop a couple of games along the way, but not against a team of Schalke's caliber. They can play 4 vs. 5 and they'd still find a way to win -- they're that good.

Now, make no mistake: Schalke 04 is no slouch, but they're heavily flawed as a team and simply lack the power that's necessary to compete with G2 and actually get the win. There's just nothing they can do, and even though they've shown quite a fair bit of resilience and grit in their upset win over Fnatic, that was by no means a sign of their long-term potential but rather a one-off occurrence. We're siding with G2 Esports on this one as it's the only logical option.

G2 Esports 1xBet 1.16 3 Loss


Immortal technique 2020-07-24 18:31:10

ez 0-6 for Schalke, easy 8.00 odds early cashout. I hope G2 can turnaround though. Now on G2 for 8 odds back