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2017-10-13 08:00:00
1907 Fenerbahce

G2 Esports vs 1907 Fenerbahce

2017-10-13 00:51:13Posted by Petar

A match not a lot of people will pay attention to for sure, however it should be no less exciting! Both teams are entering the day hungry to show their worth.

Regardless, this is the fifth game of the day. Players will get exhausted fairly quickly, however things should crystallize fairly quickly after the first couple of games. This means 1907 Fenerbache could enter this game without any pressure as they're projected to end fourth in their group. Playing with nothing to lose makes any team a very dangerous foe regardless of the meta and draft.

That said, G2 eSports at the very least want to represent their region to the best of their ability and it starts tomorrow as they didn't show anything sensational in the first week of the group stage. They're surely inspired by Fnatic's performance yesterday and they're looking to make Europe proud, especially after all of their numerous international failures and shortcomings.

If there is anything other than expected skill disparity between these two teams, it is the fact that 1907 Fenerbache are playing two games back to back which should allow G2 more time to prepare and recuperate.

Regardless, G2 are the favorites here and with good reason. They're the Kings of Europe and if anything they should be able to take down TCL's representative once again without much trouble. That said, Fenerbache came out swinging in their game against Samsung Galaxy, so this might not be as easy as most predict. Regardless, G2 eSports should come out victorious.

G2 Esports 1.36 6 Win


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