2019-03-16 20:10:00

Fnatic vs Splyce

2019 LOL European Championship Spring

Posted by Petar

For our last match of the split we have an exceptional clash between two top-tier teams -- Fnatic, the defending LEC champions, and Splyce, who are currently riding high and are tied for second place along with Origen and Team Vitality.

What an exquisite way to close out the regular portion of the split. This isn't exactly the most hyped up match-up of the year, but it doesn't have to be. We have two teams that are currently at the top of their game, and they're looking to make waves in the playoffs. They're both basically locked in (Splyce are still fighting for better ranking whereas Fnatic still have to win a game before locking things down), and we're surely in for a spectacular brawl.

But before delving deeper into our prediction, let's take a closer look at both of these teams and how they did last week.

While they're both predicted as top-tier opposition, they're entering this clash with different amounts of hype.

Splyce are getting hyped to infinity after their masterclass against G2 Esports, and with good reason. It was an absolute shellacking. They went for a classic Splyce team comp, and pulled it off to a tee. Xerxe was their biggest catalyst early on, and his stellar Jarvan IV play allowed Splyce to go blow-for-blow with G2 Esports in the early game. As a team, Splyce, dictated the pace of the game, and it was a strange fight between the fastest team in the region against the slowest -- but the roles were reversed for this one. Splyce were uncharacteristically fast and commanding. They showed no hesitation throughout the game, and it was an unexpected sight.

G2, on the other hand, were shocked, probably as much as everyone else. Splyce's patended late game team fighting also blew everyone away. When the dust settled, Kobbe ended the game with an incredible 12/1/11 KDA, and was the deciding factor more often than not in the late game with his Sivir.

Humanoid, however, was the standout performer thanks to his incredible Lissandra engages. His willingness to be at the right place and engage at the right time for his team allowed Splyce to surprise G2 Esports throughout all stages of the game. It was a spectacular performance, and their spot in the playoffs is well deserved.

Fnatic didn't do any worse, but they didn't upset G2 Esports, so no one's really singing their praises. They are, however, playing exceptionally well across the board. They have threats in every single lane and are more proactive than you'd expect, especially if you've been watching their games in the beginning of the split.

Even though they had a noticeable fall from grace, everyone still expects Fnatic to enter the playoffs and wreck house. Everyone knows what they're capable of, and they expect a ton -- and with good reason. Splyce, on the other hand, doesn't have a whole lot of pressure to perform. They're the perennial gatekeepers, and while they are capable of short flashes of brilliance, they're never as consistent enough in order to warrant a spot in the very top of the region.

They have both G2 Esports and Splyce lined up for this week, and they could, in theory, even finish with two wins. That said, that's perhaps a bit optimistic, but it's far from impossible.

This match-up, however, should be Fnatic favored. Splyce are a fantastic team, but their highs are much lower than Fnatic's, and they don't have such a potent early game. They're good, even great at times, but they're not championship-worthy contenders. That doesn't mean they can't give Fnatic a run for their money.

We're going with Fnatic on this one. It's not going to be an easy fight. Far from it. Splyce are entering this clash with a ton of momentum and hype, and they're surely looking to use it. Taking Fnatic down is not an easy task, especially not right now. Regardless, we're going with the defending champions. We simply have to give them the benefit of the doubt at this point.

Fnatic 1.54 4 Win


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