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Fnatic vs Misfits

2019-03-08 18:16:34Posted by Petar

For our final match of the day, we have a spectacular clash between none other than Fnatic and Misfits Gaming. While the latter never achieved any concrete palpable success in the region (when it comes to attaining any titles), they have been near the top of the region for multiple years now.

Fnatic, on the other hand, are the reigning, defending LEC champions. They're synonymous with the entire European region, and have achieved monumental success across their League of Legends tenure.

That said, even with all of their immense success, both teams aren't currently doing too hot. They had differing amounts of success at the beginning of the split, and are both currently sitting at seven wins and seven losses. It might not be a spectacular win-loss record on paper, but they've managed to turn things around. Fnatic have been looking like one of the worst teams in the region for weeks on end, whereas Misfits played like a team possessed in the beginning.

Their fates changed over time. As the meta shifted, they lost control. Fnatic started breaking at the seams pretty quickly, whereas Misfits simply regressed to a state that many though wasn't possible with so much immense talent within their roster. But it didn't matter -- Misfits were lost across the board.

After they brought back Hussain "Moose" Moosvi back into the head coach position, they all started playing like a better team, like a solid top-tier contender. They didn't look invincible, but they at least had a structure in place. They all knew their responsibilities and they played accordingly. It was a refreshing sight, but one has to wonder if it's too little too late.

They're 3W-1L over the last two weeks, with their only loss coming at the hands of Team Vitality. They're relatively solid right now, although it's impossible to fairly judge their power level. They draft strangely, they make some good calls, but at the same time they're pretty lost in the early game. Depending on how well they start, they can either be a force in the mid game or get completely steamrolled. Their bloodbath against Excel Esports was a spectacular sight, although it's impossible not to criticize both teams.

Thirty kills after just thirty minutes. It was a fiesta on all fronts, and even though Misfits overcame an immense hurdle, they didn't look that good in the process. This was a fight between a mid-tier team against a bottom tier Excel Esports -- it should have been a one-sided shellacking, rather than a closely contested affair.

It's still hard to judge their strength, but they should not be underestimated, especially when they have a lead. Then again, Fnatic are currently on a completely different level. They're on a four-game win streak, and they're looking (and playing) like a Top 3 team. They took down both Team Vitality and Origen and even though they're currently clumped with the rest of the gatekeepers, they are favored to not only enter the playoffs but make waves once the format changes from Best of 1 to Best of 3.

Their play is downright immaculate, they're incredibly proactive, in sync, they're creating leads individually and snowballing them as a team. Their new mid laner has finally stepped up in lane and is one of their biggest carries more often than not. They can really play and win through any lane. Bwipo is able to play the role his team needs -- tank or hard carry, and he rarely asks any questions. He played tanks in week six and basically just pressured whenever he could and died when someone had to take the bullet. His week seven performance, however, was a completely different story. He was creating solo kills, soaking up pressure non stop, and was rightfully awarded the MVP of the Game honors two days in a row.

They're still rough around the edges a bit, but you can see glimpses of their 2018 brilliance. Their early game has improved tremendously and they're still as capable and dangerous in the late game as ever. Their execution is clean, and they're commanding when they're ahead. How high they will eventually climb once the playoffs come around is unknown, but they're one of the strongest contenders in the region right now.

On paper, this game can go either way. But Fnatic have shown so much more over the last couple of weeks that we simply have to give them the benefit of the doubt. They know just how important this game is, and winning will not only inch them closer towards the playoffs but will also kick Misfits down a peg. While it surely won't be one-sided or particularly clean, Fnatic have the tools at their disposal in order to take Misfits down.

Regardless of the outcome, Fnatic vs. Misfits games always guarantee a ton of action and top-tier League of Legends, so make sure to tune in!

Fnatic 1.60 8 Win


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