2020-10-04 13:10:00
LGD Gaming

Fnatic vs LGD Gaming

2020-10-03 17:07:23Posted by ChiefPicks

Another game that should be easy for Fnatic in this WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP season. They're playing against LGD Gaming, the same team that have been struggling all the way since they started it. They seem to be tied to a low win rate (37,3% for 85 games). They've losted their last 3 games (remember the 3:0 lost against Suning Gaming 2 moth ago ?).

On the other hand we have Fnatic, 245 games, 59,3% win rate, experienced players.. This game is going to be a breed for the Xyraz team (who by the way won their last 3 games).

They all had a month to clean up their tactics, but let's face it : Fnatic is way above.

Fnatic 1xBet 1.74 10 Loss


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