2020-07-04 17:00:00
FC Schalke 04

Fnatic vs FC Schalke 04

2020-07-04 16:28:38Posted by Petar

Continuing our trend of one-sided shellackings, we have Fnatic vs. Schalke 04. Frankly speaking, this is a fight between one of the best and most storied LEC organizations out there and one that is still winless four weeks into the split. In other words, if there's one game you really don't have to watch today, it's probably this one.

Still, Schalke 04 did show some signs of life yesterday in their game against MAD Lions. Heck, that might even be an understatement as they were even throughout the entire early and mid stages of the game, which is quite a surprise given their recent level of play. That said, once they started making mechanical mistakes, things started going downhill as fast as possible. Still, in the absence of any great triumph, they need to take these small improvements and cherish them to the best of their ability. It's hard to stay motivated after losing eight games in a row, but at least they're trying which is, at the very least, commendable.

Fnatic, on the other hand, have just landed their first win in two weeks and it marked the return of standard team comps and Rekkles on AD carries -- finally. They were clean, commanding, and cool-headed even once those hectic five on five team fights broke out. It was by no means a perfect showing, but they had the lead and never relinquished it. It was the Fnatic everyone expected to see, with a penchant for skirmishing and a passion for those crazy front-to-back team fights. They know what Schalke 04 bring to the table and odds are, they're not worried much. They know what they're in for and what they need to do to get the win in quick, one-sided fashion.

Betting on Fnatic is the only logical option at this point in time.

Fnatic 1xBet 1.15 2 Loss


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