2019-03-10 20:10:00
Echo Fox

FlyQuest vs Echo Fox

2019-03-10 16:11:01Posted by Petar

For our second game of the day we have a somewhat uninteresting clash between FlyQuest and Echo Fox. This isn't exactly the premier match-up, nor will it provide the highest level of League of Legends, but it still carries a lot of significance for FlyQuest seeing how they're fighting for a playoff spot.

Now, betting on FlyQuest is always like a double-edged sword. You never really know which FlyQuest is going to come out and play. If anything, their game against Clutch Gaming yesterday was a promising sign of the things to come. They drafted a team fighting comp revolving around WiltTurtle, and with good reason. The perennial North American AD carry snowballed out of control and ended the game with a stellar 7/1/7 KDA. They're still rough around the edges, and they're prone to making egregious errors across the map, but at least they're focusing on what brought them so much success early on in the split.

They're a solid playoff-worthy contender, and they've differentiated themselves from the bottom of the pack by beating Clutch Gaming in such commanding fashion. Their eyes are set on the playoff and they have a very concrete chance of making that dream a reality. Whether or not that happens further down the line remains to be seen, but they can bounce back (after a four-game losing streak) with two wins this time around and cement their spot in the top six, at least for the time being. Echo Fox is basically as easy of a win as they could possibly get -- regardless of Echo Fox's starting five-man line-up. They're out of sync, they're weak individually, they're making blunders in every stage of the game, and FlyQuest -- even though far from perfect -- shouldn't have too big of a problem in taking them down.

They might not be extremely dominant or clean in their execution, but FlyQuest should be able to get the win.

FlyQuest 1.64 7 Win


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