2019-06-16 22:20:00
Clutch Gamers

FlyQuest vs Clutch Gamers

2019-06-16 19:50:01Posted by Morgonrock

Flyquests 1-4 record may fool you but the semifinalist of the last split isn't a bottom tier team, which their record suggests. Only having lost to strong, playoff caliber teams, Flyquest hasn't looked bad this split, having competitive games and consistent performances against good teams. This game against Clutch is important, considering their playoff hopes, and will give a good indicator about the general strength of the teams.

Clutch has had one good week during this split, and one bad week. Ultimately they have only lost to good teams too, but have worse last split behind their back and 0-2 record against FQ during the last split also. I also think that Flyquest has looked better during this split, although their record is worse. Clutch also looks really inconsistent, having the least convincing win yet against the 100T.

Playerwise I don't think any team has a clear upperhand in any role, but if Clutch wants to find advantage somewhere it is going to be bot lane, and Clutch gaming's weakness lies in the jungle, given the inconsistent and passive natures of the early games of Lira.

We have an interesting and even game coming for sure and I give Flyquest 60% odds to win this, which makes the coefficient for them playable.

FlyQuest 1.85 6 Loss


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