Florida Mayhem
2022-06-24 20:50:00
Dallas Fuel

Florida Mayhem vs Dallas Fuel

2022-06-24 20:16:32Posted by Petar

Dallas Fuel vs. Florida Mayhem might *seem* like a tremendous mismatch, but there's a very high likelihood of it being a lot more competitive and even than the odds would imply. The gap between these two teams *has* narrowed, and that's mostly because of Florida's tremendous growth and overall work ethic. They've evolved a metric ton ever since the season began and are currently a very dangerous dark horse -- one that can, by all means, trade blows with the very best teams the Overwatch League has to offer.

That one fact cannot be overstated.

They might have a series of flaws and deficiencies, but they're no longer as exploitable as was the case just a few weeks ago. And you just love to see it: a gatekeeper working around the clock and, by proxy, growing and evolving beyond all expectations.

Dallas are still a cut above, but they're not *that* much better -- assuming they're even better at all.

Their most recent losses (both of which happened to be clean sweeps) are definitely a reason for worry. Now sure, they *did* lose to the San Francisco Shock and the Altanta Reign, but the point stands nonetheless. Had they been able to get a few map wins on the board maybe we'd be a bit more inclined to believe in them correcting course but right now, as things stand, the boys in blue have found themselves in quite a pickle.

Regardless, we still think they're better than Florida and if they play their cards right they should definitely be able to prove it, too. It's not going to be a clean sweep nor a dominant showing, but they should still be able to get away with the win once everything is said and done.

Dallas Fuel 1xBet 1.40 1 Win


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