Evil Geniuses
2021-10-08 09:30:00
The Alliance

Evil Geniuses vs The Alliance

2021-10-08 07:21:39Posted by Mercile7

The Alliance at The International X looks lost, as if they just didn't prepare for this tournament or are nervous. I told you earlier that S4 will have huge problems in this tournament with the game, in addition to this, he also chooses heroes for his team. They have absolutely nothing to do against Evil Geniuses, I'm sure they will absolutely fail in this match, I saw how Evil Geniuses play well. Evil Geniuses feel their characters, in terms of choosing heroes, they feel too confident and this can be seen with the naked eye, it is not for nothing that they are one of the main contenders for victory in this tournament.

Evil Geniuses 1xBet 1.75 10 Loss


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