Echo Fox
2019-06-16 20:00:00
100 Thieves

Echo Fox vs 100 Thieves

2019-06-16 19:27:07Posted by Morgonrock

Echo Fox had a scrappy loss yesterday on a important game against CLG, while it is depressing to lose a game after holding them on a gunpoint for 30 minutes, I think Echo fox have overcome it, and can make this a 1-1 week, beating the 100 Thieves with 0-5 record and substitute lineup. I think the coefficient given to Echo Fox doesn't tell enough about 100T's depressing form. While I think 100T definitely has the change to win this, and the both teams are playing just horrible, I think that the coefficient for EF's win is really attractive for those in look of good value bet, and for those who aren't afraid of losing their money. Kind of high risk:high reward kind of bet. I give Echo Fox 80% odds for winning this, while the odds given by 1xbet are 62,5%.

Echo Fox 1.63 10 Loss


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