Dallas Fuel
2022-09-08 18:10:00
Washington Justice

Dallas Fuel vs Washington Justice

2022-09-07 09:20:11Posted by Petar

At long last, a lopsided shellacking whose outcome is easy to predict! The Overwatch League has been quite chaotic lately and we, for one, aren't particularly happy for that being the case. It's been a load of fun, don't get us wrong, but that's not the *kind* of fun we're after whenever we're looking to put our hard-earned money on the line. This, however, is different. It is, essentially, a clash between the very best team in the Western region (up for debate but the results speak for themselves) and a feisty albeit still severely flawed mid-tier gatekeeper — a team that has barely punched its ticket into the Summer Showdown.

The outcome, therefore, is pretty obvious.

The Washington Justice are a dangeroust team. There's no denying it. They've been exceeding expectations for quite a while now and they *have* earned our benefit of the doubt. One can never be too certain how well they'll perform come game day — for better or worse. They're not, however, on Fuel's level. Almost no one is, in fact.

The ease with which Dallas outclassed San Francisco last weekend left no one indifferent. They were obviously the better team, more in sync, more capable, with a clearer game plan in mind and — perhaps most importantly — the tools with which to execute in the moment and on the given day. We saw a tremendous gap between them and the Shock and that, in short, is not something we thought existed. So credit where credit is due. They're currently the biggest favorites to win the whole thing (hardly a surprise) and have a metric ton of hype and momentum behind their backs — and rightfully so.

With six wins, no losses, and a very impressive +11 map differential, the Dallas Fuel are poised to not only leave a mark but also entertain the thousands watching. And, well, there's very little (if anything) that the Washington Justice will be able to do about it. They might take a map off of Dallas, but that's about it.

Dallas Fuel 1xBet 1.31 2 Win


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