Dallas Fuel
2022-05-22 20:35:00
Paris Eternal

Dallas Fuel vs Paris Eternal

2022-05-22 19:15:26Posted by Petar

It feels like there are very few lopsided match-ups in the Overwatch League nowadays which, on the one hand, is quite a positive thing as the entire viewing experience tends to be a lot more engaging than a lot of us thought it'd be coming into 2022. On the other hand, it makes betting a lot more precarious and challenging than we'd like.

Still, this particular match feels like a foregone conclusion, although by no means do we think it'll end up being a wash. Paris Eternal, while definitely flawed and limited in terms of long-term potential, can still pack one heck of a punch. Dallas know how to best prepare and what needs to be done so as to emerge victorious, but they might also struggle a bit early on before fully establishing their own pace. The meta is fairly flexible (although by no means as versatile as we'd like) and teams still haven't reached a consensus in regards to how the game should best be played. There are multiple "schools of thought" at this point in time which, at the very least, has resulted in a wholly entertaining viewing experience.

All of that being said, the Dallas Fuel are amongst the best and most capable teams the Overwatch League has to offer and they'll surely prove it, too. Paris might be able to make it a bit more competitive than people expect, but they should not be able to get away with the win once everything is said and done.

Dallas Fuel Pinnacle 1.06 1 Win


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