Dallas Fuel
2022-08-28 23:15:00
Florida Mayhem

Dallas Fuel vs Florida Mayhem

2022-08-28 11:43:35Posted by Petar

This, in short, is a tremendously lopsided match-up — one that is bound to resolve in Dallas' favor. There's really no other way to say it — there's no depth for us to cover, decipher, and analyze.

Ever since the Summer Showdown qualifiers began the Fuel have been absolutely stellar, and their 4W-0L record serves as proof. They haven't been perfect, mind you, but have nonetheless good and capable enough to best all four of their opponents: Los Angeles Gladiators, New York Excelsior, Toronto Defiant, and the Boston Uprising. Not the most gruelling of schedules, granted, but a fairly diverse range of challengers at least.

Florida, on the other hand, have been quite middling. Not abysmal by any stretch of the imagination, but they're outside of the Top 8 for a very good reason. They just haven't been as clutch and feisty as was the case just a few weeks ago and we, for one, don't really understand why. Did they just run out of "steam?" Or have their peers developed and evolved at a more rapid pace? We're not quite sure, but it's also not that important of a topic at this point in time — they're a flawed gatekeeper through and through, and they're just not good enough to compete with Dallas on even footing.

Our choice, therefore, is clear: betting on the Fuel to win is the only logical choice.

Dallas Fuel 1xBet 1.15 1 Win


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