2019-06-15 22:05:00
OpTic Gaming

Cloud9 vs OpTic Gaming

2019-06-15 21:43:55Posted by mintcrystall

e odds imply that Golden guardians have around 66% change to win this game, but that is just simply not true, with 100T having 0-4 start to the split, and bringing two players over from academy, I don't expect them to have much to say about this matchup. 100T's jungler Amazing is known to be a supportive jungler, who works the best with winning lanes, but with his laners performing so weakly, on top of him being in weak form himself, and the language barrier his team is having, I don't expect them to do much. Froggen should take over this game completely and take a clean under 25min win for his team. I expect GGS to win this 9 out of 10 times with ease, the only thing they have to worry is Ssumday popping off, that is the only firepower this 100T squad has.

Cloud9 1.52 10 Win


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