Chengdu Hunters
2022-07-08 11:50:00
Shanghai Dragons

Chengdu Hunters vs Shanghai Dragons

2022-07-06 20:23:53Posted by Petar

Chengdu are a dexterous bunch; of that much we're certain. They're not a shoo-in for the championship finals, mind you, but feisty and capable they certainly are.

Their last three wins speak volumes, too: they outclassed the Los Angeles Valiant, Guangzhou Charge, and the Philadelphia Fusion with ease. And, well, that's definitely worth something. They even took Seoul to five maps mere weeks ago which is also a tremendous achievement.

They're still a mid-tier gatekeeper, of course, but they sure can pack a punch when you least expect it -- just ask Seoul and Philly. This, therefore, is yet another wholly crucial test of their growth and presumed ability. How will they fare against a giant like Shanghai? Will they be able to make it even remotely competitive? Or will they, conversely, crumble against such a tremendously talented team? Shanghai, too, have had their struggles, so it's not like they've hit operating temperature either.

Anything can happen, especially if Chengdu come out the gates swinging (as they've so often done).

We cannot, however, go against the Dragons, no matter their recent struggles. They still have all the right tools to compete for a spot atop the Eastern region, and it is only a matter of time before they fix their few issues and mount one heck of an offensive. Chengdu, therefore, shouldn't be able to compete on even footing, although they'll certainly make it a lot closer than the odds would suggest.

Shanghai Dragons 1xBet 1.40 1 Win


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