Chengdu Hunters
2022-06-24 12:25:00
Seoul Dynasty

Chengdu Hunters vs Seoul Dynasty

2022-06-24 05:01:16Posted by Petar

Yet another match-up that, in essence, makes very little sense. Seoul are the de facto best team in the Eastern region (and, potentially, the world). They're astoundingly capable but, in all fairness, much of the same can be said for the Shanghai Dragons and Philadelphia Fusion as well. These three are the Eastern giants, and they're basically separated by the slimmest margins imaginable.

Then you have a team like Chengdu who, while certainly capable, simply aren't on the same level. They have great moments from time to time but they're just not enough to warrant any kind of actual success. And, well, that's probably not going to change any time soon seeing how the Fusion -- who happen to be ranked above them -- are head and shoulders better and more talented.

It's a world of difference, in all fairness.

The same holds true for Seoul as well. They're tremendously capable and are bound to continue dominating for the weeks and months to come -- and there's nothing whatsoever that Chengdu will be able to do about it. The match itself might end up being a bit more competitive than expected, but Seoul should, by all means, be able to come out on top once everything is said and done.

Seoul Dynasty Pinnacle 1.20 1 Win


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