Boston Uprising
2022-07-09 21:05:00
Houston Outlaws

Boston Uprising vs Houston Outlaws

2022-07-09 19:11:47Posted by Petar

Yet another potential "landmine" and a match-up that, in theory, could be a fertile ground for an upset. The odds of it happening *are* extremely slim, granted, but it's still worth the mention.

On the one hand, we have the Houston Outlaws, a team that is actually a lot better than most folks think. They're not, however, nearly as consistent as we'd like and their highs — the ones we've just praised — aren't always on display (nor are they easily accessible, "on demand"). That, naturally, is quite a problem against the Overwatch League creme de la creme. And, well, it's also a problem against the many gatekeepers and bottom-dwellers they've come across along the way. You needn't look any further for proof than their 3-2 win over the New York Excelsior yesterday.

The Outlaws are better than they've shown, but their inherent potential and ability to compete won't matter much if they don't find a way to tap into and harness their gifts on a consistent basis.

Boston, on the other hand, are a tough nut to crack. They're not a good team per se, but they can, at times, do some wildly impressive things (relative to their talents and current position in the standings). They're hard to read, too, which will only furhter complicate things prediction-wise.

Either way, we couldn't possibly bet *against* the Outlaws in this particular case (despite their tremendous inconsistency), so our hands feel tied. Hopefully they won't make as many mistakes as they did against NYXL, lest they run the risk of getting upset.

Houston Outlaws 1xBet 1.63 1 Win


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