Boston Uprising
2022-05-29 19:00:00
Dallas Fuel

Boston Uprising vs Dallas Fuel

2022-05-29 14:20:19Posted by Petar

Betting on this particular match is about as "safe" as it gets. Dallas are so much better than Boston it doesn't even make sense; the gap between them is so darn large it's almost unfair. That, however, is by no means Dallas' fault. They're a top-tier contender and amongst the very best teams the Overwatch League has to offer. The Uprising pale in comparison. They have nothing to offer nor enough talent to compete on even footing.

They are, by all means, a bottom-feeder. They're not the worst team around, granted, and they *can*, at times, exceed expectations -- their win over Washington attests to the fact -- but that changes very little in the grand scheme of things. They have no longer-term potential and their skill ceiling is quite limited as well. They're not necessarily a pushover, but their flaws as many and they're all exceedingly exploitable, too.

The Fuel should, therefore, have an absolute field day. They're better in every way, shape, and form, and they'll surely prove it, too (in the most tremendous of ways). With four wins and just a single loss to their name (along with a stellar +7 map differential), they are poised to go on a deep run and, in doing so, trade the heaviest of blows with the likes of San Francisco Shock and the Los Angeles Gladiators. If they put on a clinic here tonight (and, odds are, they almost certainly will), they'll accrue and generate even more hype and momentum -- two things they'll need in copious amounts if they intend on "going the distance."

In any case, our choice is clear: Dallas Fuel by way of clean sweep.

Dallas Fuel Pinnacle 1.08 1 Win


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