Atlanta Reign
2022-06-24 22:10:00
Vancouver Titans

Atlanta Reign vs Vancouver Titans

2022-06-24 21:02:47Posted by Petar

Atlanta Reign are, by the looks of it, a Top 2 team. That's... quite surprising, all things considered. We knew they had a fairly competitive line-up, one that could grow and evolve over time, but we didn't think they'd hit the ground running as quickly as they did.

The Los Angeles Gladiators are the only ones that are better than them, well, that's it. The Reign already hold wins over the Dallas Fuel *and* the San Francisco Shock and they've also shown no signs of slowing down -- they're playing every match with as much fervor as humanly possible and you just love to see it.

We're still not quite sure how high they'll be able to soar once everything is said and done, but they're obviously capable and will stop at nothing in their attempt to leave some kind of a mark. We're impressed, is all, but also surprised to see them play such good Overwatch in the face of the stiffest opposition imaginable. Well, in the Western region, at least. They've started off their Midseason Madness qualifiers in as dominant and commanding a fashion as possible as, well, we can't wait to see what else they have "in store" for us!

The Vancouver Titans, on the other hand, are still pretty darn dreadful. They are, in fact, the only team that has yet to get a win on the board which basically tells you all you need to know when it comes to their ability to perform and overall talent. They're just not capable enough to compete with the rest of their peers. That much is a fact, if ever there was one. Heck, they've only won four maps thus far which is about as appalling as it gets!

In any case, this'll be a clean and commanding 3-0 in the favor of Atlanta.

Atlanta Reign 1xBet 1.04 2 Win


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