Atlanta Reign
2022-06-04 22:30:00
Los Angeles Gladiators

Atlanta Reign vs Los Angeles Gladiators

2022-06-04 21:49:49Posted by Petar

Last but certainly not least, we have the Los Angeles Gladiators taking on the Atlanta Reign. As far as match-ups go, this is a pretty darn good one although it's still a hefty mismatch at heart. LAG are one of the biggest tournament favorites and a team that has really hit its stride lately. The Reign, while undeniably talented and much more capable than expected, are still a notch below.

The only thing we're wondering now is: how big is that gap between them? And, perhaps most importantly, has it shrunk over the last few days, what with Atlanta improving beyond measure and finally finding its footing within the Western region? We haven't the foggiest idea, but the odds certainly *are* stacked against them.

They've 3-0d the Houston Outlaws and then nearly did the same to the Dallas Fuel. They are, without a shadow of a doubt, the biggest favorite to "go the distance" and their level of play more than justifies such lofty expectations. They're not perfect, mind you, but they *have* been the most consistent; they excel at a myriad of different team comps and strategies, unlike most of their peers who seem a bit more one-dimensional in that regard (like the Fuel who couldn't play dive to save their lives).

The Reign, too, have impressed us in numerous different ways, but they're not on the same level. If they come out the gates swinging they might stand a chance at pulling off an upset but we doubt it. The Gladiators know what they're in for and how to best prepare and if they play their cards right and execute as well as they did against the Houston Outlaws and the Dallas Fuel they'll no doubt be able to emerge victorious.

In any case, it'll be an action-packed, skirmish-heavy affair between some of the very best players the Overwatch League has to offer, so definitely make sure to tune in! The winner will directly advance into the grand finals and, by proxy, compete for not just a sizable cash prize but a chance at writing a bit of history, too.

Los Angeles Gladiators Pinnacle 1.33 1 Win


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