Atlanta Reign
2022-06-17 20:55:00
Boston Uprising

Atlanta Reign vs Boston Uprising

2022-06-17 12:23:32Posted by Petar

This one's a lot easier to work with; the Altanta Reign taking on the Boston Uprising is as clear-cut a match-up as it gets. We have one of the most capable teams the Western region has to offer taking on a feisty (albeit still critically flawed) bottom-feeder. That's not necessarily a recipe for a barnburner but at least the outcome itself is easy to predict. We can't have it both ways, it seems.

We're still somewhat shocked by just how much Atlanta have grown across a staggeringly short period of time. They're still somewhat exploitable, but are nonetheless amongst the very best teams the Overwatch League has to offer -- and that's really saying something.

The fact that they rubbed shoulders with the San Francisco Shock, Los Angeled Gladiators, and Dallas Fuel speaks volumes about their inherent talent and ability to clutch things out when it matters most. They obviously didn't go the whole nine yards, but finishing third in a tournament stacked with exceptional teams is already an impressive enough feat, one that is worthy of the highest praise and admiration.

They grew, they evolved and adapted, and they did so much faster and more nimbly than the vast majority of their peers — the vast majority of which we thought were actually better than the Reign.

Will they keep on making waves or was their Kickoff Clash run a "flash in the pan?" We'll find out soon enough. A most vulnerable Boston Uprising stand as the first obstacle on their road to relevance. And, as far as obstacles go, this one's as easy to tackle and solve as it gets!

Atlanta Reign 1xBet 1.34 1 Win


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