1907 Fenerbahce
2017-10-13 07:00:00
Royal Never Give Up

1907 Fenerbahce vs Royal Never Give Up

2017-10-12 23:10:59Posted by Petar

With another day in the books, all eyes are set on tomorrow's group C games. This group is regarded as the group of death by many - and with good reason. We essentially have three teams that deserve to advance further on however only two will get the chance to do so.

There is one team however that probably won't be able to, and that is the TCL representatives. While they showed some good stuff on the Rift, it simply pales in comparison to their counterparts. They were able to push Samsung to their limits, however things probably end there. Even with Frozen and Crash performing at a very high level, it's hard seeing them emerging victorious against the LPL titans.

While you should by no means underestimate 1907 Fenerbache, this is a mismatch on every level. If Royal Never Give Up come prepared and play somewhat reserved they should have no problems closing this out in dominant fashion.

Royal Never Give Up 1.18 10 Win


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