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2019-03-03 21:05:00
Golden Guardians

100 Thieves vs Golden Guardians

2019-03-02 03:52:38Posted by Petar

For our second match of the day, we have a relatively exciting clash between the Golden Guardians and 100 Thieves. Well, perhaps "exciting" isn't the best possible word that can be used to describe this particular game. It isn't carrying any playoff implications, nor will it be the bastion of top tier League of Legends.

In fact, you could skip this game entirely and not miss out on much, if anything at all. That's just a realistic, frank way of putting things, seeing how 100 Thieves are on a four-game losing streak, with only three wins to their name so far after five full weeks of competitive play. They've basically lost to almost everyone they could have lost to, and only managed to win when the opposing team imploded even more than they did.

One could argue that they looked the worst last week in their losses to Team Liquid and OpTic Gaming. There were some stand out moments, but they were so few and far between that they might as well be fiction.

The Golden Guardians, on the other hand, as flawed as they are, are a serious playoff contender and they're currently tied for fourth, and with good reason. They're far from perfect, and they're prone to drafting some abysmal team comps, but they're making improvements with each passing week and they're all playing relatively well, which isn't something you can say for 100 Thieves.

We're going with the Golden Guardians, and with full confidence. Even though 100 Thieves might put up a bigger fight than most people expect, they have done absolutely nothing over the last five weeks of play to warrant any kind of benefit of the doubt. They're the worst team in the region -- by far, and it shows. In fact, it seems as though they're becoming worse as time goes on, as illogical and impossible as that might seem.

While it might not be particularly clean or dominant, the Golden Guardians know that this is a must win game, and also one of the easiest ones that they're going to be getting in the foreseeable future. They need every single win they can get, and their path to locking down a playoff spot starts here. Seeing how they're still painfully inconsistent, it's best to not bet too much, but they should still have the edge regardless, especially if Froggen steps up once again and carries his team to victory.

Golden Guardians 2.16 6 Win


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